Thursday, October 27, 2011

how to pick your surf spot

How to pick your surf spot

How to pick your surf spot is you find a place that you can go to a lot feel comfortable and make sure you make friends there and find out what days they go to the beach and what time they come

My favorite surf spot is in new jersey in wildwood crest on rambler road it is a good spot it has showers and a place to eat and bathrooms see you there

how to pick your surf board

How to pick your surfboard

if you are getting a shortboard you should get on about 5-10 inches taller then you if you are just starting out you should get a 8 foot board or a 9 foot board I am 5’10 I started out with a 8 foot board.

If you are just starting of you should not start with a short board or you will never learn to surf.

learn to surf

Learning to surf

Hello, I am a surfer from New Jersey here to tell you a few things about surfing. Well I started surfing with a 8 foot spyder surfboard the board is awesome, after about 15 times going surfing I was ready for a short board so I when to the local surf shop and got a 6’4 Hawaiian island creation surfboard and it was a very good board and the winter was on its was so I whent and got a billabong wet suit. I go surfing when ever I can in the winter with the help of my mom and dad and you need some good parents to take you surfing they have to drive me about an hour and a half.

Now to teach you some tips for going surfing it is good to have a another person with you. And you should get a app on your phone to tell you when the waves are big and it dosent matter how you ride to wave if other people are doing tricks and everything they have been surfing for like 10-20 years. When you are surfing it is good to find a good place to surf and a place that your are comfortable I got surfing in wildwood crest on rambler road. And before heading out in the water you should try and lay on your board and try and stand up then when you get in the water put on your leash and make sure to buy a leash so when you are paddling out go sit next to some good surfers so and ask them if they can give you some tips.

The hardiest part of surfing if catching a wave to catch a wave you have to find were the wave is breaking at so a smart thing to do is to sit on the beach and watch the waves for a little bit and once you can catch the wave then you will start getting better the next thing to think about is learning how to duck dive.

How to duck dive
First put both of your hands on the rails of the surfboard then put one knee on about the middle of the board then kick your other foot out then you will be able to duck dive

Why you need to know how to duck dive
If you don’t know how to duck dive then you will not be able to get out and surf because if you can duck dive when the waves are 10 foot you will be able to go under the waves.

What boards to get
You frist board should be a soft top surf board because if you have a fiberglass surfboard you might hit some some one and hurt then or you might hit yourself I got hit with my fin before and got my head cut open.